Arizona Commemorative Air Force


Based at Falcon Field in sunny Mesa, AZ, Arizona Commemorative Air Force (AZCAF) provides a unique step back in time where you can experience aircraft from the past. To offer a unique range of experience the Airbase offers a museum with a number of exhibits, a gift shop, facility rentals where they host a number of yearly events and a yearly flight schedule where fans can take the ride of a lifetime by choosing from a number of touring aircraft.


AZCAF was in need of a modern website that conveyed the majesty of the aircraft they restore and display, as well as all of the offerings they provide. AZCAF had been maintaining an outdated HTML website that did not meet the requirements of today’s technology, such as addressing mobile and tablet displays, running valid code and incorporating SEO best practices.


Based on the client’s desires SUMMUS created an optimized and responsive WordPress website with a privately shared github account to allow internal staff to collaborate on page changes with our team. A full e-commerce conversion from ZenCart to WooCommerce is currently in the works. These upgrades will allow the client to have complete control over their page content and products without having to modify HTML files as they did in the past. Below is a list of key features that the current website has:


  • Fully responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Accessible, interior, sticky jump navigation to increase page usability
  • Fully responsive slideshow