As Arizona business coaches who believe in helping individuals, teams and organizations achieve amazing results, Torak is focused on continuously improving effectiveness and productivity. For more than 10 years, Torak has been coaching teams, departments and organizations, to help them reach their goals, all while adopting a path of continuous improvement. With services focusing on using Agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming and Lean thinking.


We first met Torak during our work on the new Phoenix Children’s Hospital website. Playing dual role of project manager and agile coach to the hospital and our team. As a company that is always looking for ways to improve our own effectiveness and productivity we were impressed by their approach to the project and they were equally impressed by our results. Upon completion Torak sought us out for an update to their existing Drupal website to bring it more inline with their vision, with the focus being on  their three core services; AGILE, business and life coaching.


A lightweight and responsive website powered by the Drupal content-management system, which provides Torak with a simple way to manage their own content. Whether the website is viewed on phone, tablet or a desktop computer, the focus is always on the core services, driving people to the content they’re interested in and ultimately resulting in more potential customers.


  • Fully responsive website
  • Lightweight redesign
  • Customizable banner images
  • Lightweight vector icons from Font Awesome
  • Client manages their own website
  • Powered by Drupal