Trailblazer Studios®


Trailblazer Studios® is an award-winning production, post, and sound facility based in Raleigh, NC. They specialize in developing original programming, commercial and video production, editing (offline and online), color correction, motion graphics, animation, original music, sound design and surround mixing.


We were approached by WISHBONE creator Rick Duffield and former Lyrick CFO Tom Waring to create a new company brand and website for a group of separate production companies. Each specialty offers different, yet related services, such as branded and original programming from the Entertainment department; commercial production, stage rentals and live shots from the Production department; editorial, design and finishing from the Post department; and audio post production, original music, mixing, editing, design, branding, and more from the Sound department. The resulting company is Trailblazer Studios®, a full-service entertainment, production, post and sound facility.


To address the combination of these separate, yet related specialities into one website we built a custom content-management system using the WordPress platform. This system allows Trailblazer Studios to manage each specialities individual pages and assets through an administration area. In addition each speciality, speciality sub-page and employee page includes it’s own optional slideshow of video and images that are controlled by NextGen galleries.


  • Fully responsive website
  • Video and image galleries that tie into slideshows for each speciality, specialty sub-page and employee page
  • Client manages their own website
  • Powered by the WordPress platform