Kohl's Fit

Health for the whole family.

Kohl's Fit


Kohl’s Fit at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is a program that promotes healthy eating and healthy activity for children and families. The main goal is to provide opportunities to families and children to take charge of improving their health- to eat fit and be fit. Kohl’s Fit programs support children to be more active and eat healthy — at home, in school, and in the community.


We acquired the Kohl’s FIT web application when it was still called Kids Rock Stars. Originally built by another agency; the web application needed to be updated for mobile devices and provide a more user-friendly interface that displayed specific features based on the device being used. All of the website content was connected to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s previous content-management system and therefore needed to be updated to make the website all inclusive while still allowing the client to manage their own content.


A lightweight and responsive web application that displays device-specific features was built using the CodeIgnitor framework. Phoenix Children’s Hospital manages their own content by editing simply text files that are separated from the main codebase. Whether the web application is viewed on phone, tablet or a desktop computer, the focus is always on the core services, driving people to the content they’re interested in, the administration functions that parents and teachers use on a daily basis and ultimately resulting in more potential customers. The administration area provides filtered reporting of team statistics and user data for parents and teachers. Multiple eNewsletter lists are used to collect contact information and custom email templates are integrated to deliver relevant information to recipients. A coupon manager allows students to redeem rewards as they meet goals set by the program.


  • Fully responsive website
  • Filtered reporting
  • eNewsletter integration
  • Lightweight redesign
  • Customizable banner images
  • Lightweight vector icons from Font Awesome
  • Client manages their own web application
  • Powered by the CodeIgnitor framework


“SUMMUS has been wonderful to work with. They have great ideas, both creatively in terms of design ideas and functionally for reports. I would recommend them for hire.”