One of the top ranked science centers in the United States.



Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is one of the top ranked science centers in the United States, known for its innovative exhibits and educational programs. The museum serves over 1 million visitors every year and offers five exhibit halls with hundreds of interactive exhibits and displays.


OMSI was looking for a digital agency with substantial experience in website redesign, development and implementations for non-profit organizations and open-source CMS software including proven track record for the consideration of future needs and functionalities for these CMS tools. The goal of the project was to deliver a website solution that allowed OMSIs audiences, both public and professional, to immediately interact and engage with OMSIs mission and easily obtain the information and content needed to complete their goals for visiting our site.


SUMMUS migrated tens of thousands of pages of data from various sources into a new Drupal 7 platform for OMSI. Implementing a new modular grid based design that allows OMSI to easily create new pages with inventive layouts. With Exhibit, Event, Blog and other custom content types and views, OMSI is able to generate new pages of different content without any design expertise. The result is a client-managed open-source website that’s scalable and meets the future needs and functionalities of OMSI.


  • Interactive events calendar
  • Client-managed web-based forms
  • Exhibit content types
  • ISMO’s Corner, An OMSI Blog
  • Client-managed website
  • Powered by Drupal